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Welcome to my Personal Homepage. You can find here information and web-links about my interests. If you are interested in my activities you can e-mail me for further information.   img/16dot3c.gif (332 bytes)




I was born on 11 April 1973. My virtual home is here, the real one is in Castellammare di Stabia, little town 30 Km south of Naples. img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) I've got a Laurea degree (MSE) at Faculty of Electronic Enginering in "Federico II" University in Naples. img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) I was at CERN, in Geneva as Technical Student in HR/TD division writing my thesis (in italian). img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Then I worked at University of Michigan, Physics dept., the year 2001, living in Ann Arbor. I worked as Research Investigator, visit the WLAP project!. img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) You can see my curriculum vitae too.  img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) My main interests are computing and networking.  img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) What was your FIRST computer ? 
See Obsolete Computer Museum and came back in the years.  img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) I have got Intellevision (game console), Commodore 64, IBM PC XT 4.77MHz, PC386 33MHz, Cyryx 6x86 200PR, etc...  img/16dot5c.gif (335 bytes)  I wrote my first programs in Basic on Commodore 64, and programming assembler on 6510 processor (8 bit, 3 register). Now I prefer Unix systems.



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Latest news! Now I'm working here. I'm not any more in Ann Arbor. I'm still a researcher in ICT stuff, still fun, but in a company. img/16dot4c.gif (336 bytes) Temperature here is fine, (much better than Michigan ;-) ...actually I miss MI...) img/16dot4c.gif (336 bytes) Do you wanna keywords of what my interests are? Ok, I'll give you some: collaborativetools intelligentagents multimediaprogramming andwhateverisfunwithcomputing! img/16dot4c.gif (336 bytes)


Ok, you're right. These colors I chose are hugly.img/16dot4c.gif (336 bytes) Sign the petition against the wrong colors in Giosue's Homepage img/16dot4c.gif (336 bytes)


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e-mail: giosue@vitaglione.it

	Giosue Vitaglione
Homepage: http://www.vitaglione.it/giosue
e-mail: giosue@vitaglione.it


	Giosue Vitaglione
Homepage: http://www.vitaglione.it/giosue
e-mail: giosue@vitaglione.it