Large Hadron Colider (LHC) begins

At 10h28 this morning, scientists at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, activated the first beam around the full 27 kilometres of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator: the Large Hadron Colider (LHC).

Wishing successful collisions! (of sub-atomic particles)

This will be in the history of science.

P.S.: Glory to LEP !

ATLAS Photos

CERN Photo Collection


Gun Control and Virginia Tech Massacre Debate

Everyone was shocked on 2007 April 16th for the Virginia Tech massacre.
That revamped the discussion in the US about the gun rights.

From Wikipedia:
Proponents of gun rights and the Second Amendment argued that Virginia Tech's gun-free "safe zone" policy ensured that none of the students or faculty would be armed, guaranteeing that no one could stop Cho's rampage.

Eh? Do you want a campus to become a battle field?

Highest respect for everyone's opinion - not now.
If you think better everyone has a gun, you are just plain stupid.


Goodbye Anna Politkovskaya

Russian award-winning journalist Anna Politkovskaya shot to death in an elevator.

News from Pravda and WorldNews.

Her short bio, here.

More background info at: Chechnya News.


Bohème impact on future generations

More and more videos are freely accessible through the Internet.
Interestingly, besides home-made videos and ads, there is some content for which copyright is not an issue, like old content.

We are having a growing FREE availability of old content, while most recent content might be accessible only pay-per-view.

Will that "old staff" impact new generations' culture differently than today?

Here a part of La Bohème111111 by Giacomo Puccini, hosted by Youtube121212.

Many videos also at: RocketBoom131313.


Multi-Currency Gambling

Let's say you are coming back from a far country, and at the airport you find into your pocket some coins of a currency which likely are not useful to you anytime soon. So?

This is an excellent idea, from Dr.Chuck:

Installing multi-currency slot machines at airports, stations, etc.
Not only gumbling, a good cause is also part of the idea...


Deep structure and surface structure (Chomsky)

1From Wikipedia.
Noam Chomsky, emeritus professor of linguistics at the M.I.T., developed the idea that each sentence in a language has two levels of representation - a deep structure and a surface structure. The deep structure was (more-or-less) a direct representation of the basic semantic relations underlying a sentence, and was mapped onto the surface structure (which followed the phonological form of the sentence very closely) via transformations.

Chomsky believed that there would be considerable similarities between the Deep Structures of different languages, and that these structures would reveal properties, common to all languages, which were concealed by their Surface Structures.

Really fashinating. Great Wikipedia.
To know more: Wikipedia, Minimalist syntax9


The more the slaves, the richer you are

Italian sofa maker in Shenzhen violates China's labour law, no OSH.
Published on China Labour Bullettin.

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