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Why languages ?

I find languages very intersting. Maybe because it's a way to understand something about a culture. 16dot4c.gif (336 bytes) Anyone is foreigner for someone else, I love finding  things in common beetwen different cultures, and it's funny commenting the stereotypes (all false and all true at the same time) about different populations.16dot4c.gif (336 bytes) So far, people I met, whatever differences in skin colors, culture, education, I can find in eachone something to understand, to learn, to share. 16dot4c.gif (336 bytes)


How do you pronounce...?

This is the game of the millenium, the most winning and exciting in the whole planet! Try to pronounce my name...

Click on my name to listen my version.

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Are you an Expert ?

Not at all! My language skills are very very limited. 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) I love languages, but it's like someone doesn't have a driving license and loves car racings...16dot5c.gif (335 bytes)


How did you learn ?

I didn't study languages so much, (you can easly understand that by the many mistakes in these pages) but often friends and mother tongue collegues teach me something. 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) I cannot reveal their names... It would be too bad publicity for them...looking at my current capabilities... 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Anyway thanks very much to all of you that put an effort in this desperate case.16dot5c.gif (335 bytes)



16dot2c.gif (340 bytes) Dictionary.com, English dictionary with Synonyms and pronunciation keys; 16dot2c.gif (340 bytes) Logos.it, Multilingual dictionary 16dot2c.gif (340 bytes) Onelook, all dictiories together, pretty cool 16dot2c.gif (340 bytes) Travlang dict. 16dot2c.gif (340 bytes)





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