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Bernard Vitaglione 

Daniel Vitaglione 

Dr. Vitaglione
Paleoclimatology Department at American University (X-Files character)

Erik Vitaglione
Rocky video on Youtube (funny!)

Eve Vitaglione  Museum of Natural Sciences -- North Carolina

Fran Jones Vitaglione
...has stayed with our field as discovery room coordinator at the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences. She delights in teaching a love of nature to preschoolers and their educators and caretakers but wishes she could spend more time in the wilderness. Being at peace with self, loved ones and what one has in life define success for Fran. . . . Still residing in southeastern Pennsylvania

Frances Vitaglione

Francesco Vitaglione
Soccer Player (forward/attaccante)

Player of The Year (2004-05)
Turris - Scheda Calciatore
[news] Checco Vitaglione lascia il Gragnano

Frank Vitaglione,
Finance Director at Dole Europe - Paris,France
Originary from Marseille, in Southern France, Frank is Director of Finance at Dole Europe in Paris since 2000 after having had increasing financial and management responsibilities within the Food industry (Cadbury Schweppes in Spain, and Coca-Cola where he was Finance Director of one bottling company).

He speaks French, English, Spanish, German and is true believer of multiculturalism.. Frank is a board member of the French office of the Swiss NGO Medair . He is married and has 3 children.

Frank was born on 21 Dec 1960, and married Caroline. Their children are: Maxime Vitaglione (27 Jan 1989), Marina Vitaglione (27 Sept 1991) and Simon Vitaglione (30 mar 1994).

Glenn Vitaglione,
Member of the Board of EBYRA (Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association).

Guy  Dr. Vitaglione,
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Heather Buckner Vitaglione

P. Signac's 'D. Eugene Delacroix au Neo-Impressionisme': a Translation and Commentary (In the University Library, Th ND544.S5V5)

John Vitaglione

21-Dec-1971     M    Single

John Vitaglione

John Richard Vitaglione

Lillian Vitaglione
Gilbert Vitaglione
Ballerini ?

Lillian Vitaglione

Marco Vitaglione

Muriel Vitaglione
French Instructor - El Cajon, CA, U.S.

 Reverend Robert ("Father Bob") Vitaglione
An accredited representative authorized to practice immigration law, Father
Bob Vitaglione has assisted indigent immigrants for the past 18 years. Unlike
private attorneys, Vitaglione does not charge a cent, and unlike voluntary legals
services organizations, he does not turn anyone away.

Ruth DC Vitaglione Manorville, NY, U.S

Sandro Vitaglione,
Assistant Editor, State Tax Publications

Susannah (Street) Vitaglione,

'92, received an M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education from Kansas State University.

Thomas Vitaglione
Adjunct Professor Maternal and Child Health - North Carolina, U.S.

Tom Vitaglione
Queens, New York, U.S.